About the farm

The farm is situated at the edge of a forest with fields in front. If you walk 500 meters on the path towards the forest, you will pass a small tool shed and a woodshed, and then find Korinterudstjärnet, a small lake. The path is quite steep, but it is worth the effort because when you have reached the top of the slope you are in the forest with blueberries and lingonberries and wild animals. If you are lucky you can meet an elk or a dear.

Close to the farm there is also a bigger lake called Teåkersjön where it is possible to go fishing if you get a fishing permit. There you find perch, pike and salmon trout.

From Korinterudstjärnet to Teåkersjön runs a small creek right next to the farm.

On the farm there are four houses. Two of them are for rent during the summer season, the Yellow cottage, and Grand ma´s house.
In addition to them you will find the Big house, and the “Country store”, which is situated on the other side of the little road. The “store” is the oldest house on the farm and was built around 1850.